7bit Affiliate Program

7bit affiliate program is one of the online programs that offer high lifetime revenue shares. It operates on 7BitPartners Affiliates platform and is available for players all over the globe, except for those in some restricted countries.


Become a Bitcoin casino affiliate now to enjoy these amazing advantages.

Revenue Share


Up to 55%
Geo Location


Not accepting players from Israel, Spain, UK, Ukraine or US
Advance Marketing


No negative carryover, latest reports, various marketing tools
Affiliate Manager Contact


Responsive support staff
Fast Payout


On-time payment, first three days of the month


Jackpot Games, Live Casino, Slot, Table Games

The program transacts in euros, US dollars, and bitcoins. This makes it easy to deal with players who gamble in different currencies. To see how this Bitcoin affiliate program can increase your profitability, read through this Bitcoin casino affiliates review.

Revenue share, sub-affiliation, and CPA

7bit affiliate program by 7BitPartners affiliates offers its partners three schemes from which they can gain profit. The first one is through the default revenue share feature which starts at 25% for the first one to five new depositing players. Add up to five more and your revenue share increases by 5%. This same percentage hike recurs for every 5 new referrals, until you reach the ceiling revenue share of 55%.

The second one is the sub-affiliation plan in two tiers. You simply have to tap other players, or even non-players, to be a Bitcoin gambling affiliate like you. This way of building your Bitcoin affiliate network will give you 5% of the monthly commission of each of your sub-affiliates. For the tier 2 earning plan, your affiliate manager is more than willing to discuss how this can work for you.

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Lastly, 7bit affiliate program has the CPA deal which is available only upon request. The better your track record is in pulling in players, the higher your chance is to get this deal.

It is also noteworthy that when your balance drops to a negative value, it is not carried over to the next month. This means you won’t have to worry about recovering your loss in the previous month. And yes, the following period lets you start with a zero balance. This “no carry over” feature of the 7bit affiliate program, on top of the varied ways to earn, must be enough to make deals.

7bit payment methods, reports, and support

7BitPartners affiliates’ 7bit affiliate program requires you to gain at least €40 worth of profit before the monthly payment schedule which is set on any of the first three days of the month. Such amount is lower than most of the payment thresholds in other programs. Visa, Neteller, Skrill, and Bitcoin are among the payment channels you can use to enjoy your earnings.

Furthermore, since 7bit affiliate program runs on a reliable platform, you are sure to get your updated reports in real time. And for you to get more support, you may reach 7bit’s marketing team via Skype or email.

Bitcoin Affiliate Manager


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    Wow!! I like this king of program i can earn morethan 1btc if i have to take serious on it.the graphics was good and and it was easy to use,it was really helpful also for the affiliates to generate bitcoin in their wallet.this kind of program giving affiliates to earn more and more bitcoins.


    Program yang sangat bagus, sayang kalau tidak mengikuti dan ambil bagian di dalamnya, semoga saja apa yang kita harapkan tercapai dengan mengikuti program ini, untuk kebebasan finansial aku pasti bisa.


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