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The affiliate program is one of the leading referral programs in the gambling industry. The program has many benefits that the casino’s partners enjoy. This Bitcoin casino affiliates review will have a close look at what the program from BetStreak has to offer for you. This includes the rates and tools it offers.


Become a Bitcoin casino affiliate now to enjoy these amazing advantages.

Revenue Share


25% - 45%
Geo Location


Not accepting players from Spain, UK or US
Advance Marketing


No negative balance carryover
Affiliate Manager Contact


Responsive support staff
Fast Payout


On-time monthly payments


Card Games, Casino, Live, Poker Games, Roulette, Slot, Video Poker

Affiliate rates affiliate program offers a revenue share where your earnings come from the amount of money your referrals spends in the casino. You receive a minimum of 25% share on the earnings per month. The more money your referrals use on the site, the higher your share will be for the month.  There are five percentage levels you can achieve with affiliate program.

  • 25% – 0-20 BTC or USD equivalent spent
  • 30% – 20-40 BTC or USD equivalent spent
  • 35% – 40-60 BTC or USD equivalent spent
  • 40% – 60-80 BTC or USD equivalent spent
  • 45% – >80 BTC or USD equivalent spent

Commission payment

You can get your commission in the form of Bitcoin or US dollars with the affiliate program. The currency type depends on what your referral use when making a deposit on the casino. For example, if your referral deposits dollars or yuan to his account, you will receive the fiat amount in your account balance.

When you make money with Bitcoin casino, you’re sure your earnings will come on the first day of the month. You can find this in the casino’s account balance. Withdrawal is the same method as all players use in the casino. The minimum withdrawal is $20 while the maximum is €500 per day. The maximum Bitcoin you can take out is 40 BTC. Anything more than 40 BTC is going to a monthly installment.

Affiliate tools

When you sign up at BetStreak, you can immediately create your own affiliate profile. You have the option of creating multiple profiles. Each profile contains its own statistics and billing reports.

The affiliate program offers different banners for your marketing plan. These banners come in different sizes and types. The links in the banners correspond to the profile that you want to use.

No Negative Balance feature

When a referral wins more money than he wagers, the affiliate experiences a loss or a negative balance of his earnings. In other casinos, the loss carries over to the next payment period. If your referral wins $100 and you only got $50 for the month, you will not receive any commission for the current month.  Should you earn $200 in the next month, your earnings go down by $50 to pay for the negative earning.

The affiliate program does away with any negative balance. Every month, you will have a clean slate on your balance if you experience any loss from the previous month. Of course, any positive balance from fiat and Bitcoin gambling will go untouched.

Bitcoin Affiliate Manager


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