Pinnacle Affiliate Program

The Pinnacle affiliate program is perfect if you’re looking for a sure way to earn extra income in sports betting. It uses the solutions from Income Access, one of the trusted affiliate program platforms today. This is reason enough to check out what you can get from it.


Become a Bitcoin casino affiliate now to enjoy these amazing advantages.

Revenue Share


30% Rev Share
Geo Location


Not accepting players from Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, UK or US
Advance Marketing


Ad banners, performance tracker of sites, pages and banners, in-depth monthly, weekly and daily report, live odds API
Affiliate Manager Contact


Responsive support staff
Fast Payout


On-time weekly payments


Casino, Esports, Live Casino, Sports

But if you’re from the US and its territories, then you should look for another program. The same goes if you’re from Netherlands, Curacao, Turkey, Iran, or Iraq. Don’t let this stop you from exploring this program, though. Find in this Bitcoin casino affiliates review the offers up for grabs.

Commission structure

What’s great with the Pinnacle affiliate program is you can get profits in two options. One is volume commission and the other is full revenue share. If you’re a new Bitcoin affiliate, you’ll start with the volume commission scheme and use it for at least three months.

This scheme lets you earn from your players’ betting volume plus 30% revenue share of any casino bets. This means you’ll keep getting profits from winning players and you’ll never have zero commissions every month. As long as your referrals keep playing, you’ll get your share whenever they win. But the percentage you’ll get depend on the sports.

The full revenue share scheme, on the other hand, gives you 30% revenue share for all sports and casino bets. This means you’ll get the standard rate from the Pinnacle affiliate program. If you want this scheme, talk to your affiliate manager or support to qualify for it.

Take note that you’ll have your negative commission balances transferred but you won’t have to pay for any negative balance. What you must do is to wait until your balance is positive before you can withdraw your earnings.

Payment schemes

You’ll get your profits every Monday and this gives Pinnacle affiliate program the edge over the other Bitcoin affiliate programs. Most promise to pay on-time every month, but Pinnacle takes it a step further by paying you each week.

What makes this better is that these are all automated payments that go straight to your commission account. If you have a player account at Pinnacle, you can transfer there your profits from your commission account.

From there, you can withdraw the amount using your preferred payment options. This set-up lets you get your commissions using fast and convenient methods. But if you don’t have a player account, you can still withdraw your profits using the available payment methods. Just keep in mind that there are no withdrawal limits so here, so feel free to get your profits.

Marketing tools and support

This Pinnacle affiliate program comes with complete system and support, so expect to find quality banners and user-friendly tools. In fact, you’ll have the access to track the performance of your sites, pages, and banners in terms of clicks and revenue. You’ll also get reports by month, week, and even daily. At the same time, you can use the professionally written sports betting content on your websites to attract new players. The live odds API is also available once you join the Pinnacle affiliate program.

Overall, this Bitcoin gambling affiliate program gives more than the basics you need to start earning profits from affiliation.

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